Once you are match with a recipient individual or couple, you will start the donation process, which typically involves the following:

Screening Test:

  • Blood tests: ABO/Rh; Hormones including FSH, AMH etc.
  • Pelvic Ultra Sound: check for fibroids, polyps or cysts
  • Genetic Testing:
  • Infections disease: i.e. Chlamydia, HEP C etc.

Ovarian Stimulation And Monitoring (7-12 Days)
Based on your lab and ultra sound results, the doctor at the recipient’s chosen fertility clinic will choose from over fifteen treatment protocols to find the one that’s best for you. The goal here is to help your follicles grow together, so the most high quality eggs possible can be retrieved.

Then the doctor will stimulate and carefully monitor the ovaries. This phase usually lasts 8-12 days and consists of

  • Stimulation: Each day, you’ll give yourself 2-3 injections of hormone medications, with very tiny needles.
  • Monitoring: You’ll come in for a thirty minute office visit about 5-6 times. We’ll monitor how your body responds through blood tests and ultrasounds to measure your follicles as they grow. Along the way, we’ll adjust your medications as needed to optimize your protocol for your body’s unique needs.
  • Final Maturation: When your ovaries are ready, you’ll give yourself the “trigger”, a special injection that prompts your eggs to reach final maturation so they’re ready for retrieval.

Egg Retrieval (36 Hours Later)
36 hours later, the doctor will retrieve your eggs. It’s a 20 minute procedure under general anaesthesia, followed by an hour of recovery. Most patients take the rest of the day off to rest, and are back to their normal routine the next day.