I have worked with MYRHS for a while now, 2 cycles to be specific.  They are the most reliable agency I have worked with; the agency does not give out false hope, so you can definitely count on their words!  Dr. Fan is also very efficient, responsive, and reachable.  Also, she has a great relationship with one of best and efficient clinics in San Francisco.  Together, they matched me and completed one of my cycles in less than a month, which also ended up with the best result I’ve ever had.  Something I did not mention yet – the agency also has psychologists on board, (she is also the coolest person and a psychologist), so they could empathize what you are going through & giving you support during the process.  I truly appreciate their hard work and thoughtful care and will work with MYRHS as long as I can!  -Eve S

第一次在美亚辅育当卵子捐赠者,从一开始配对签约合作,以及开始进行疗程的过程中, MYRHS的工作人員都非常关心捐赠者身心灵的状况,安排的医院护理师及医生也对自己每次回诊状况非常细心关照。对于整个捐赠过程我感到非常贴心感谢及肯定医疗团队的技术,也值得推荐卵子捐赠者可以安心在美亚辅育进行助人之事。-Doris C
From the very first contact with MYRHS, I noticed MYRHS staff are super attentive to donor’s physical wellbeing and mental health in addition to the cycle coordination with the clinic. I am grateful for the agency’s attentive care and support and would highly recommend MYRHS to potential donors who are considering help others through egg donation. -Doris C